Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Easy Breezy Spaghettini with Capers and Prosciutto

Came home late and just did not feel like dragging our feet to anywhere to grab quick dinner. Have two slices of prosciutto in the fridge, about a cupfull of green and red peppers and here we go..

- capers
- garlic, chopped finely
- red onions
- green and red peppers
- tomatoes, roughly chopped
- prosciutto, sliced
- parmesan cheese
- olive oil

- Cook spaghettini to al dante. Remember to put a pinch of salt to the cooking water.
- Meanwhile, heat pan, add tiny bit of butter and 2 tablespoon of olive oil to the pan, add chopped prosciutto.
- Add garlic and red onions. Fry until fragrant.
- Add in capers. Stir for few seconds. Add tomatoes. Stir until it is a little bit mushy. Add in peppers.
- Toss in cooked spaghettini. Toss in some parmesan cheese. Stir spaghettini to make sure it's all coated nicely with olive oil and cheese.

Jarred capers is pickled in salt or mixture of salt and vinegar (brine), so when cooking using capers, I usually either omit salt at all, or making sure I taste the dish before adding extra saltiness to it.

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