Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday dinner for my super special man.

So it is Vik's birthday tomorrow. It becomes somewhat of tradition to have close friends over for dinner. And a made from scratch birthday cake. See, I don't bake as much as I cook.

Even when I bake, I rarely attempt on cake baking - too time consuming and just way too much work. Except on special occasion and 'picky' eater. Vik does not like cake except uh..mine. Heehee. Nawh, he doesn't eat most cakes because they are too sweet, so I have to do a home-made one, and adjust the sugar measurement.

Menu for Eight.

chicken mushroom wrapped in puff pastry
roasted red pepper goat cheese triangle


jasmine rice
fried noodle
grilled yellow spiced chicken (ayam panggang bumbu kuning)
young jackfruit stew (gudeg)
sambal krecek
egg-tofu (tahu telur)
pickled cucumber and carrots (acar)

black forest cake

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