Monday, August 11, 2008

Mussels in Garlic - Fermented Beans Sauce

Mussels is one of Vik's favorite dishes. This is also the only thing he actually knows how to cook. One time as he watched while I was preparing and fixing mussels (with simple sauce of wine and herbs) - he triumphantly declared that he'd be the one making mussels from then on. No kidding. He did proudly invite friends over to taste his 'fine cooking'!!!

Somehow I have an impression of many people are unsure about cooking mussels on their own, an intimidating cooking ingredient, perhaps? But let's just say if my husband can do it, anybody else can! :) Terrific athlete, technology savvy, but he is a complete loss when it comes to kitchen and home-improvement projects.

Few quick important notes though, if the shells are already open (before cooking it) - toss it away. It's dead! :) Make sure the shells are clean, run it under cold water, rinse, and sometimes light scrub is needed to remove the beards. When cooking process is done and some shells remain closed, discard these mussels.

- 3 lbs mussels
- 5 cloves garlic (we like it very garlicky, use less to get milder taste/smell), chopped coarsely
- 3 shallots, chopped coarsely
- 1/2 spanish onions, cut to rings
- 2 tsp crushed red pepper (optional)
- 2 stalk green onions, chopped coarsely
- 2 tbsp fermented black beans
- 1 bay leaf
- few dash of chinese cooking wine
- salt and pepper
- 3 cup of broth (water is fine too, but I like to use either low sodium broth or coconut juice)

- Heat 2 tbsp butter (oil is fine too) in wok/ pot. Toss in garlic, shallots, onions, red pepper, bay leaft. Stir and cook until onions are translucent.
- Add in black beans. Stir. Salt and pepper.
- Toss in mussels. Stir and mix mussels with everything else thoroughly. Stir in green onions.
- Pour broth and cooking wine in. Cover wok/pot tightly.
- Mussels are cooked when they are popped open.

When cooking it Asian style - we eat it with steamed rice. Otherwise (beer, wine, tomato sauce/marinara, and such), scooped up the broth/ sauce with good French bread. Yum yum!!

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Mochachocolata Rita said...

shellfish with fermented black beans and garlic = perfection!

my sous chef has come a longgggg way since i introduced him to the kitchen...nowadays he could even surprise me with 4 tasty steamy hot dishes as i got home:

and that was from someone who could not do a single dish without phoning mom LOL