Monday, August 18, 2008

Corn Fritters/ Perkedel Jagung

Oh, how do I even describe these fritters? I could eat the entire plate of it!! I had to alter the recipe a little from the original family recipe. In original recipe, there is no adding flour as thickening/binding agent. Just grated corn and spices. The taste and flavor of the corn just heavenly and very light in texture. To be able to do that, the recipe calls for older corn - hmm..does it even make sense? It's fresh corn, but not like being picked two days ago fresh. With drier kernels of aged/ older corn, the grated pulp binds better with other ingredients.

With summer young fresh corn, once grated, it gets so watery that I have to add rice flour to thicken it up to right texture. It is still delicious, just tad short of flavor and texture (denser, due to the flour.)

- 4 corns, grate
- 4 shallots, cut paperthin
- 2 green onions, cut paperthin or chopped finely
- 1 medium size potato, boiled and mashed
- salt and pepper
- 1/4 cup of rice flour
- 1 eggs, lightly beaten
- 4 bird eyes chillies, chopped finely (optional)

- Mix all ingredients together (except for egg). Add egg only as much as needed, to help the binding. This weekend, I only add about 2 tbsp of egg mixture, because the batter was pretty liquidy as is. Other time, I added the entire egg. It's just something you got to eye-ball.
- Heat oil in pan. Carefully drop spoonful of batter to hot oil. Fry until golden brown.


vyoma said...

Hey cecil!i really like this recipe..i am big fan of sweet corn.i make its soup every second day..i will surely try this seems easy and tasty...Thanks..

Kevin said...

These corn fritters sound simple and good!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i absolutely love corn fritters and could never get enough of them! i ate loads and loads of this with bakmi goreng and bumbu pecel with my sis, while watching project runway hehehe eiei!