Monday, October 13, 2008

Bowl of Quick Chicken Noodle Soup at 2 AM

Alright, I think work life is somewhat back to normal phase and hopefully now I can post more regularly and able to check out everybody else' blogs as often like I used to. ;)

I don't think most of us inspects photos very closely, do we? I mean...other people's photos. Unless it happens to be a passion - photography or such. That said, what do I know?! Photography is not exactly a passion of mine. I may even consider it less interesting than gardening - and everybody knows how I feel about gardening! It hates me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy beautiful photography, but not with me fiddling on the lens and buttons.

However, out of habit, I pay lots of attention on images (photos, drawings, art, etc). I am that annoying friend you have who will point to your wall arrangement and says 'That one frame there..I think it's 1/4" crooked" Keyword: FRIEND. I will never be that rude with new people - I may just pretend looking and admiring and when you are not looking, I'd nudge it a bit just for the sake of leveling it. ;) Kind of a person who installs toilet by looking at the diagrams, and not at written instructions.

Visual and all, this photo of noodle bowl. I took it at 2 am this past Thursday in my kitchen. It does not look very bad, I guess. And really, if you make some food at 2 am, you ought to be pretty desperate for food and photo taking shouldn't even an option, no? But the camera just sits there on the shelf so..might as well. Also, I am intrigued to see how it'd turns out - since natural light is not going to stay much longer anymore. Hmm...the result, I dunno. Maybe this is the time for me to start finding better spot somewhere else!! Can't count on natural light all the time, right?

Now the food..this is kinda food if I were to live in Indonesia, I can get it from roadside vendors at 2 am or 4 am. But since that is not the case, my kitchen it is then. It's comforting dish, homey and quick to whip up. Not as quick as PBJ, but I need to be away from my desk for a while and at 2 am..where am I gonna go to take a break? I guess, the right question is, where in the city that I can go in pajamas?

- rice noodles, cook as instructed in the package, drained and toss in dash of oil
- 1 cup cooked chicken, shredded to chunks (I usually have some cooked chicken in fridge; for exactly this type of quick dish)
- 1 shallots, finely chopped
- 1 cloves garlic, finely chopped
- 1/2" ginger, finely chopped
- 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
- 1/2 tbsp sweet soy sauce
- pepper
- handful of bean sprouts, rinsed
- few sprigs of cilantro
- 2 cup of chicken broth (Into soup pot, I dropped in half a tray of ice cubes frozen broth I made not too long ago, add some water, dash of salt and pepper - let it comes to boil)

- Toss in chicken, garlic, shallots and ginger to pan. Fry for few minutes.
- Add in both soy sauce (salty and sweet). Dash of pepper.
- This is the 'street fare' version of assembling such bowl:
- Add small dash of sweet, salty soy sauce and sesame oil to the bottom of serving bowl.
- On top of that, put noodles (either let it that way for now, or toss noodles to soy sauce, I like to leave it alone just as is)
- Top with shredded chicken mixture and tons of bean sprouts.
- Laddle boiling hot soup on top. Garnish with cilantro or green onions or...ohhh...fried shallots!
- Add some hot sauce just before eating.

Happy Thanksgiving to fellow Canadian bloggers! Can't wait to catch up with blogs to see what's on the table.


noobcook said...

I wouldn't have guessed you didn't feel passionate about photography, you take good photos =) If I were to cook at 2am, I would likely be too hungry to take a photo, haha ... Wish I can have this for supper every night :)~

Elra said...

Oh boy, 2 Am and still up? even had the energy to make something to eat?

I wouldn't mind to share a bowl of this, but then at 2 AM?I probably couldn't open my mouth properly!

Erica said...

mmm I wish it was thanksgiving here :) Don't analyze my photos...I'm not a very good photographer ;). you on the other hand, are quite good my friend!

Prudy said...

happy Thanksgiving! That looks amazing. My photos could benefit from your care and expertise. I'd love this soup at 2 AM-I love a good late night snack.

tigerfish said...

I am not into fiddling the lens and stuff too. I depend on "AUTO" totally!

This is also the kind of noodle soup I don't mind for supper. Well, it's simple and not too heavy :) .....if only I could get full and sleep through late morning the next day, I do not mind two bowls! But too bad, have to wake up early for work the next day! :(

The Mediocre Cook said...

The photo looks really good! The bright white and pitch black background really show off the color of the soup, which looks really good! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I'm impressed that you pulled this together at that time of day! It looks tasty to me.

I used to really love photography, but I've gotten out of the habit. Food photography is mind boggling for me. I can't seem to master it. Well, I'm without a camera for the time being, so I don't have to worry about it.

Maria said...

Your photos are fantastic. Mine need work. I need a new camera!! The soup looks so comforting!

Alexa said...

This is the best type of soup at 2 am but I have to admit that I would have gone straight to bed. I find the picture perfectly yummy. :-)

Adam said...

If it wasn't for a BA camera, I'd be soooo lost. Like we're talking lost puppy lost. Thank goodness for settings and shooting :)

That's a pretty good dish for 2am. Why are you working? Heck, why are you even up on a work night?... oh... WORK night! Got it.

Love the noodles, I like mine with fish sauce :)

Esi said...

I'm impressed that not only can you cook at 2AM, but you can photograph it as well...and take a good photograph. I crave soups like this often!

Kevin said...

That is one nice bowl of soup for 2am. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Dee said...

Welcome back! You're amazing to whip up something so yummy at 2am, and then photograph it. Bravo :)

RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

wow this looks really awesome. just found your blog through a friend. everything looks great!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

It's funny that when you start a food blog the camera becomes a kitchen gadget, lol! I think it's a lovely picture and I aplaud you for taking it at 2am, I think at that time I would probably just eat and forget about taking pictures!

mycookinghut said...

Even in Malaysia, there's no problem to get food after midnight! I actually do miss that sometimes!

Anonymous said...

this looks like something iw ould love! what a different type of chicken noodle soup!!!

Anonymous said...

this looks like something iw ould love! what a different type of chicken noodle soup!!!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

at 2 am eh? hahaha at 2 am, i wont be able to even lift a finger to take a picture. :)