Wednesday, October 01, 2008

100th Posts and Award!! And some more..

Perhaps this will be the most personal entry in this food blog. I was going to post either dessert I made last night or chicken rice I made last week, or only about the Award. However, I just realized that this is my 100th posts!!! And it is our 3rd wedding anniversary. October 1st, 2005. Oh, and it's Eid Mubarak and half of my family celebrating this Festive Day, which by default it means everybody chime in to celebrate all the yummy goodies. Selamat Hari Raya! Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin.

One hundred posts - this food blogging has been nothing but fun. I enjoy being able to 'meet' so many talented, creative and food-passionate people. Many different styles: recipes, food, ingredients, dislikes and likes, baking, cooking, but the bottom line is that we all love FOOD!

So yes, the E Award! I got my first one from Elra and few days later got another one from Alexa of Artsy-Foodie. Good things do come in multiples huh? :) I was not sure about being awarded back to back that I had to read Alexa's blog twice, just to make sure it was 'Cecil - FoodCraze' and that I was not imagining things.

I came across Artsy-Foodie blog not too long ago, but seeing her profile illustration, oohh..I know I am hooked! I think anybody who has the humor to draw up herself just awesome!! My line of work requires a lot of doodling, thus I am always drawn to drawings and hers are just fun to look at. Then as I follow her blogs and recipes, I found such innovative dishes and always so beautifully presented. Thank you, Alexa!

Now, it's time to pass along that Award. I am newbie (will use this as an excuse until ....perhaps the 200th posts or something) so I may read too much into the ideas of passing awards. Like, I seriously give some thoughts to it! That's why it took me a while before posting this! Sorry! Anyway, so I would like to pass this award, in no particular order, to:

Mochachocolata Rita, such a great sense of humor with her food posts. Simple dishes injected with tons of spicy stories and oh, how could I not love her illustration sketches? Yeah yeah, I love any kind of drawings and completely enjoy her illustrations very much. Love her funny tales, from putting buckets and pots to catch leaking water to whacking up coconut and adorable loving comments about her Sous Chef. Her blog makes cooking sounds fun, a comical Manga style!!

The Mediocre Cook, fairly new blogger but I have been tuning in his blog since Day One and love his writing. He is cooking 'The New Best Recipe.' When he posts about his adventure in cutting up a whole chicken, far cry from ahem, not so long ago green peas cooking episode resembling more of green peas popcorn! I just have to give him this award! Surprise me more when he whipped up Pad Thai, with his trip to find tamarind and oh the perfumey unique smell of dried shrimps. His often honest remarks of not having a clue what he is doing makes me laugh and remind me that learning new things can be such a good thing.

Erica of Itzy's Kitchen, let's just say I don't know how she can lift a finger to cook or bake after all her work - as analyst and group fitness instructor. The keyword is 'Fitness Instructor' and all that classes she is taking! See, before I go for my run or dance studio, I will make sure the food is ready and waiting. Otherwise, I'll just grab......I don't even want to go there. But she manages to make all these healthy food after work. And still sounds so bubbly!

Prudy of Prudy Pennywise, Prudy's blog was one of very first blogs I religiously visit. I love her cooking, straight forward and such a 'real life, real people' food. Adore her budget saving tips and the first time I saw the phrase 'Prudence Pennywise' as her alter ego, I knew instantly I will continue reading her blog. And oh, her background music, it makes my day.

By the way, this award comes with rules, here they are:
Please find at least 10 more blogs of any kind which you deem to be excellent; but hey if you only come up with 3 or 5, I don’t mind.
Post about the blogs you picked, linking back to me and to them.
Once you’ve posted, return here to let me know your post is up, and of course let your 10 award winners know too.

Thanks again Alexa!

As I mentioned earlier, this is our 3rd anniversary. And yet, it's 9 pm and I just walked in to my studio a while ago to finish up more work. Vik too is working. Oh so what am I doing blogging away then?! :) Well, one is that I am waiting for the other person to tie up loose end's my 100th post, award post...and just thought let's celebrate with people who love food!! :)

I am not a good writer so I don't know how to tell it in any better way. It was a special day - wedding gown and chania cholis. A month later, come another special shocking day where I had to put into hospital gown, was diagnosed with Leukemia and honeymoon was a hospital suite. The bright side was that I got the biggest private suite there is. Not only honeymoon, we spent Thanksgiving - which was a complete haze, I was so drugged to combat all the nasty side effects of chemo, and Christmas with tiny tree and Christmas songs. I said we because Vik stayed the entire 34 nights sleeping on the hospital chair. I had a small duffel bag. He reeled in a suitcase for his stuff. And that was that.

First anniversary was a little bit surreal, my hair grown back some and we made a point to revisit our photographer and had our picture taken professionally. I was still in oral chemotherapy and looked just a shade darker than bright white printing paper.

Last year, we asked a stranger on the street to take our picture after dinner. It was a fresh start and we made many toasts literally for everything, moved to Toronto and finally able to start our own company. I had to wear my flats though, not so sexy huh? Had bone marrow biopsy couple days prior and it always left my hips with funny feeling for few days. Either try to look cute in high heels and walk wobbly like a 90 years old or pretend I don't care that flats make me..short (-er than already am)!! Truth is, I did not wear wigs when I was bald, so..looking short is not that big of concern in my fashion list. ;)

Now it's 2008, we are not going anywhere tonight to celebrate. Work load just won't allow us, it sounds sad, but when deadline is slapping from right and left, there is not much we can do. Vik has been doing his 6 am - 2 am. Mine is not so rough but enough that four hours dinner is not an option.

I am not sure how many of us remember friends' anniversary. Best friends, parents', siblings', favorite aunt's, maybe. Even that, not many of us manage to...what, I have to remember birthdays, and now anniversaries too!? Come on! :) I remember because my parents' is 5 days after mine, best friend's - 10 days. Aunt's, a week after my birthday. Easy to remember.

Yet this morning, Vik and I got quite a bit of Happy Anniversary emails and messages. From former co-workers, friends we have not seen for a while, etcetera. It's a little bit weird (in comforting way) - be that they remember because of the 'dramatic' row of events or it was indeed a memorable wedding. Either way, I am thankful. Because they think of us and take the time to wish us best wishes. I know quite a few of them are silent lurker here and I just want to say...please don't count on us to remember yer anniversary dates as return!! ;)

Which come to this point, I am sharing this here because we all take the time to post something we each so passionate about, it requires time, labor and love. On top of that, we take the time to read (sometimes, learn and study) and comment on others' blog. Thank You! I so appreciate that.

Now, I need to get back working so we can have some real deal anniversary date this weekend!


Dee said...

Cecil, congrats on your 100th (I just realised I forgot about mine) andw ell done on the award!

I didn't realise what a rough time you've been through - you're always so optimistic and enthusiastic, and that's an inspiration to me because I'm such a brooder. Happy Anniversary - here's to many more!

Elra said...

My goodness Cecil,
I had no idea what you've been going through! I am so glad that you are okay now, yes? I wish you all the best! Happy anniversary to both of you.

You so deserved the award!

Prudy said...

Oh my goodness! What an incredible post. First of all congratulations on your anniversary and your journey to wellness. How marvelous that it has been intertwined with your marriage to a supportive partner. I can't even imagine what you have been through, but I can still admire your grit for getting through it, plus the love of your new husband to be by your side through it all. Life is such a series of ups and downs; it's especially poignant that you experienced both together in such a short period of time. I'm sure that strange hospital honeymoon of yours cemented your relationship in a way that a week in Hawaii never could.
I have to also congratulate you on your 100th post and your award. It's always such a pleasure to come HERE and I'm flattered that you would think of me to pass the award on to. I love your style of cooking and it makes me inspired to reach out and get cooking. Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways. Best to you today, Cecil and Happy Anniversary to Vik too.

Dharm said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!!

CECIL said...

Dee: Thank you! You..a brooder?! I don't think so!! I always left your blog cracking up!

Elra: Thank you, Mbak! I am okay now, January 2008 was my 2 years out and to the world of oncologist, that was a 'WOHOO, you are super well'. ;) 5 years considered 'cured' so I can't wait.

Prudy: Thank you for such nice comment! Oh yeah, now when we go on trips, we sorta think it as making up the lost honeymoon. Just good excuse for keep finding places to go to.

Dharm: Thank You!! :)

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

That's a lot to celebrate: 100 posts, an anniversary, and an award. Congrats to all three.

Erica said...

Happy Anniversary! And Happy 100th post! What an exciting day! I am sooo glad you blog :)

Also thank you for the award- you are wayyyy tooo sweet!

Deborah said...

Congrats on 100 posts, and happy anniversary! It sounds like you have really weathered the storms, but how wonderful that you have had your husband there to support you in everything.

Maria said...

Way to go on 100! And congrats on the award! And Happy Anniversary! What a fun time for you.

Adam said...

Congrats on everything Cecil :) I'm touched that you told us your story, and I am very glad that everything is going great. Enjoy your anniversary, and have someone else cook for once :)

Alexa said...


Congratulations on your 100th post, I look forward to the next 100!
A big Happy Anniversary to you and Vik! It sounds like he's a wonderful guy. I appreciate you opening up about what you went through. I am so glad you are doing so much better. You are such a wonderful person and it comes across in all your posts. I enjoy coming here for a visit-- reading your blog is always a pleasure.

The Mediocre Cook said...

First things first! Happy Anniversary to you and Vik! Congratulations on your 100th post! You're blogging like a professional now and the posts just keep getting better! I wonder how many more exclamation points I can use!

Also thank you for the award. I am really enjoy this adventure in cooking and it is nice to know there are others who feel my journey is entertaining enough to read about! So thank you very much! I will be posting my selections very soon.

Esi said...

Congratulations on 100 posts and thanks for sharing your brave battle with us. Your awards are well deserved.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

First, thanks for sharing your story. You made it sound so beautiful. I'm glad you're fine now and that you have a husband on your side for all that comes your way! Second congratulatios for the 100 posts! And the weeding anniversary!

Kevin said...

Congrats on the award and on 100 tasty posts! I hope you had a great anniversary.

CECIL said...

TheShortDisorderCook: Thank you!!

Erica: I am so glad that you blog too! After reading your blog, I always find the motivation to move my rear end and out the door! :)

Deborah: Thank you! He is quite wonderful *blushing* Haha.

Maria: It'll be more fun if I don't have to work. :D

Adam: I wish, huh? If there is another food blogger lives nearby, I would have had beg for delivery. :)

Alexa: You are just so sweet. Visit to your blog is truly feast on my eyes. I love your drawings as much as your recipes.

TheMediocreCook: You are so welcome! And you so deserve it! And if there is any award for spouse/ kids, I would have give it to your wife and two sons!! They just sound so lovely.

Esi: Thanks! I am not sure about the 'brave' part. Heee..I am pretty strong headed, in a away of I cried only once during that time and hmm..shaved my own head (Vik's hand was so shaky that I could not risk him shaving my ears off). However, come the funny part, to this day, my knee goes weak looking at needles! So, not so brave after all. ;)

ClumbsyCookie: I can't and couldn't complain, ya know? :) And thank you!!

Kevin: There you are! Thank you! I hope you'll post more of Greece photos.

Julie said...

Congrats on your 100th post. Thank you for telling us your story, very inspiring! Keep up the good work.

vyoma said...

Hey Cecil!!Happy anniversary!! being ur sister-in-law i hv always looked upon u as an inspiration!May God always shower his blessings on both of you!!

hot garlic said...

Wow, I didn't know any of that either, congrats on healing so well {sounds like} -though I'm sure it has been a rough road! Vik sounds like a trouper, whatta guy! I wish you nothing but the best.

Congrats on your award and hundredth post! Many more to come I'm sure! {Posts and awards}

noobcook said...

Again, congrats on your 100th posts as well as your award. I felt that I know you a little better after your post. I didn't know you had to go through so much in the past but I'm sure you now emerged even stronger than b4. Look forward to more posts from you =)

CECIL said...

Julie: Thank you!!

Vyoma: Thanks :) Your brother is pretty inspiring too, no?! Hahaha.

HotGarlic: Yeah, he is alright. Haha. At time like that, I feel that sometimes it's the caretaker who feels more miserable than the sick person.

Noobcook: I was not sure whether I should post such personal thing, but hey..I was 'bored' at work and thought..why not?! :) Thank you!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Happy anniversary! Your story is so touching and inspirational. After all you've been through, you don't need a fancy dinner to celebrate your love. Having your husband by your side each step of the way is proof enough.

Happy 100th post too!

Lidia Sianturi said... are in my prayer..hope every thing is fine now!
Happy anniversary n dont work too hard...muahhhhhhh...

abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

congratulations! on your award and your 100 posts... with your talent, i can only imagine what will come with the next 100 :)